Our client sought to increase their revenue and return on ad spend (ROAS) through promoting the consumption of premium and niche coffee.

Their target market consists of individuals who view drinking coffee as an experience, seeking sensory experiences in terms of taste notes and values associated with the production process, such as equity and sustainability.

In line with their business growth objectives, the client aimed to achieve their marketing goals through paid channels.

CaffèLab is a Tuscan brand that specializes in offering high-quality specialty coffee, blends, and coffee tools.

The online store caters to a broad range of customers, including individuals and companies both locally and internationally.

CaffèLab offers a diverse assortment of both niche and more commercially available blends.

Notably, the store distinguishes itself from competitors in the Italian specialty coffee niche by offering an exceptional variety and quality of products.

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Strategy and Actions

Valo has presented the client with an action plan that includes ongoing activities and optimization actions to improve tracking and campaign performance.

Some of the key activities that have been identified include:

  • Defining the customer journey and conversion funnel
  • Setting up technical campaigns on Facebook Ads and Google Ads
  • Continuing to measure and analyze data to align with increased spending on advertising
  • Segmenting and sculpting campaigns for maximum search and performance
  • Reducing and stabilizing the CPM on Google
  • Reducing and stabilizing the cost of purchasing Facebook Ads
  • Scaling the budget for both Google and Facebook Ads
  • Creating an interactive and integrative dashboard on Looker Studio for viewing data.

Facebook Ads Results


Blended ROAS

140.979 users reached


Blended ROAS Increase

140.979 users reached


Google ROAS

140.979 users reached


Average Order Value Google

Value of an average order derived from Google Ads up 9% from previous year.


Average Order Value Facebook

The value of an average order derived from Facebook Ads has gone up by 4% in comparison to last year.

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